The Soldier Story is the moniker for multi-instrumentalist & producer colin meyer.


Originally based in southern New Hampshire, The Soldier Story formed in late 1999 as a six piece band. The first few years produced nearly two albums of material that never made it to recording. Musical differences caused more than half the band to leave early on. By 2005, the band had been reduced to a duo comprised of husband and wife Colin and Kristen Meyer. In 2007, The Soldier Story relocated to New Haven, CT and began recording their first LP in a studio converted garage. In early 2009, after a full decade of writing and experimenting, The Soldier Story released their winter inspired debut Wait

After some brief touring, In 2010, Kristen left the band to focus her efforts on her design career, leaving Colin Meyer as the only remaining member. Meyer independently released The Soldier Story’s well received sophomore record Rooms of the Indoors in October of 2013. 

Meyer is currently self producing what will be The Soldier Story’s third LP to be released in the fall of 2016.

The Soldier Story’s sound has been compared to artists like The National, Peter Gabriel, Death Cab For Cutie, and Pedro the Lion.

-B. Johnson